The Power of Choices

Think about a time in your day when you have to make a choice. It might be simply as choosing between the two colors that you like. Or choosing between foods that you’d like to eat.

How often would you feel ‘indecisive’? Or do you always know what you want to choose?

Well, it’s good to know if you always know what you want in this life. But when faced with a more complicated choices, would it be easy for you? Lemme give you a harder choice. 

For girls: If you have to choose between a classic Chanel bag and a brand new Louis Vuitton hand bag, what would you choose?



(As for me, I would choose the classic Chanel bag :P)

Would one choice makes you feel wonderful and the other makes you miserable? We all have our own preferences in this life. But most of time we do not know our priorities.

We want all things to be fulfilled in our life. We simply don’t want to miss anything. Literally ANY thing. And we want it to happen when we want it to. 

 The good news is: It’s a good thing to be ambitious and to have all that we want. And the ugly truth is: We don’t always have the opportunity to choose.

There were many times in my life when I have to choose between things. And tough choices of course. And even as considerable as I am, I did not alwalys like the choice I made at first. I feel like I just have to make that choice so that everyone’s happy. I was unsure of what or where it would bring me. I just thought that I would find the beauty of my choice later on in my life. And thankfully I did. Though it took some years of me wondering if I have gone crazy to make that choice. And I often was just lying back and forth on my bed, asking myself all the time if I have made the right choice. Asking myself, ” What if I did not choose this and choose the other? Would it matter to me three or five years from now? What if I was wrong? “. 

Whether we realize it or not, we always fear what lies ahead for us. We’re always afraid of the unknown. And that was exactly the reason why we often always cling to our past. Because we know every thing that has happenend in our past. We know the people, the characters, the circumstances, and everything. We’re afraid that we might not have the same chance to have all that we want in the future. And it makes us afraid to choose. And if you feel like your life is just so boring and stagnant right now, don’t forget to remind yourself that it was your choice too.

The choices that we made define our life. The job, the friends, the current address, the life partner, the beliefs, the values, everything. Every single thing that is going on in our life is a result of our choices (except that you can’t choose your family members).  Can you imagine if you did not choose all that you have right now? Would it be different? Or do you believe that destiny defines everything that is going on in your life? Do you believe in the power of choices?

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