Is God unjust?

Looking back to a funeral I attended this morning, this questions popped out again in my mind. “Is God unjust?”

The funeral went smoothly but the family still seemed so shocked. Actually, I didn’t know her either. She’s a friend of my friend’s brother in law. But hearing her story, it really makes me wonder. She’s only 35, not married yet, and died of skin cancer. Isn’t this scary? There are only two children in her family, and she’s the youngest and the only girl. So it’s not a question why her parents love her more than anything.

Her mom was still really shocked this morning as she kept crying, “O my daughter, your mother is useless because I cannot cure you.” And she also told us some stories when her daughter was about to die she said, “Why does God let this illness come to me? God is unjust!”

It strikes me upon hearing this sentence. Is God really unjust? Why does He let the sickness come to certain people? Why does He “take” some people so soon? Why sometimes, even though we tried so hard, we cannot understand His ways?

Whether you are a believer or not, this question is very common in our life. But to use our logical reasoning to answer all of these questions is just another waste of time. Try as we may, we would never understand His ways regarding severe illness, death, miracles, etc. In this way, faith matters. It’s only by the eyes of faith we can see that all things happen in our life according to His plan for us. We need to surrender ourselves like the clay in the Potter’s hands. (“But you, my friend, who are you to call God to account? Should the clay pot say to its maker: Why did you make me like this?” – Rm 9:20)

All things that we possess in this life seemed so vain when one of our family member dies. Why? Because we knew that it will happen, it’s just that we do not know when. It shocked us when we realize that we are nothing before God. It awaken us that we don’t have the full control of our life. We are often not ready for God’s time. We think.. God shouldn’t do this so fast. We think.. God should have spare us some more time to spend together. We think.. God is unjust.

Well, it’s just all the human thoughts. We cannot deny our human nature to be selfish and just blame other people for all things that happened in our life. Today, let us learn to thank God for all the blessings He bestowed upon us. For our breath of life, our family, friends, health, job, boyfriend/girlfriend, for the Church, etc. Let us learn to cherish every blessing He give us. Let us learn to put more faith in Our Creator. Let us learn that everything comes from Him, and everything goes to Him.

“In fact, none of us lives for himself, nor dies for himself. If we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die for the Lord. Either in life or in death, we belong to the Lord. ” (Romans 14:7-8)


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